We are in a battle of time now. Many developers are rushing to get their foundations in before we get our ULURP passed into law. If their foundation is completed by 11/16, then their building will be “grandfathered” in and they can build their building after the rezoning. No foundation, though, no out-of-scale building.

Adopt a Site!

We are looking for volunteers to take ownership of the many construction sites through out the community. We need to make sure these sites are being built to the plans they submit to DOB. We’ve seen that the DOB is unable to protect us so we will have to be the eyes and ears for them. This process should continue even after the downzoning.

We need to always be vigilant against unscrupulous developers. How often have we seen a legal four-story building suddenly get a couple of extra floors added? If our area has a reputation for being very protective against unsafe and illegal developments we should see less of the Katans and Ruduskys of this world.

Please fill out this form and send it back to us. It does not matter if more than one person is watching a site. he more information the better.

This information is available on our downloadable Adopt A Site pdf.

Please complete as much of this form as possible and return it to:
South Park Slope Community Group
c/o Community Board 7
4201 Fourth Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11232

You can also submit this information to us via the South Park Slope website.

Information about your “adopted” site:
(Fill in as much information as you can or know of in each section)
1. Name of “Adopter”: (you)
2. Phone #:
3. E-mail:
4. “Adopted” Site Address:                Block / Lot:
5. Permit Information Zoning (R6B, R5B, etc.):
6. # of Units:
7. Date Issued:
8. Size of Building (# of stories & width):
9. Other Comments:

Statement of Facts (i.e. Where is the site? When did work start? Type of Construction being done?):
Contact info(phone #, address on sign/truck, etc.) for the following:
Also: Demolition company, electricians, iron workers, masons, etc. You can get this information from building site signs and from trucks that are doing work at the site.
IMPORTANT: Include phone # and address of ANY contractor. *attach additional sub-contactor on separate page(s).

List of Affected adjacent Properties:
This list should include all owners and tenants living or working in a property near a site (both sides and rear of site)
--Include Name / Address / Telephone # and Email.
--Attach property owners/neighbors on separate page(s).
Also let these people know they can contact you or the group if anything is going on at the site.

Other Information/evidence:
--Photographs/Video/Mini DV Tapes.
--Date taken:
--By Whom:
Please send copies of any visual material along with this form if possible, including photographs, tapes, CD-ROMs, DVDs, etc.

311 Complaints made (please attach additional sheets if necessary):
1. Date & Time:
2. Complaint # (s) (VERY IMPORTANT):
3. To what City Department:
4. Resolution (If any or indicate “still active”):

Comments (Feel free to add anything else that may spring to mind so long as it’s kept simple):

To obtain a sign, please send an e-mail.

House Not For Sale!

Post a ‘House Not For Sale’ sign in your window. Send a clear message to developers and real estate agents with a mock ‘For Sale’ sign that reads ‘House Not For Sale’. We are rapidly papering the neighborhood with these signs, and would like everyone from 15th Street to 23rd Street to join us in displaying this sign prominently on their homes to show that we are united against non-contextual over development.

Write the Department of Building (DOB).

We encourage all concerned residents to write to Commissioner Lancaster of the DOB.

DOB Commissioner Patricia J. Lancaster
NYC Executive Office
280 Broadway, 7th floor
New York, NY 10007
Interactive Voice System: (212) 566-5000
TTY: (212) 566-4769

Call 311

When you have a problem with a developer call 311 ASAP. Call often and get as many people to call as possible. Always get a complaint number, even if they say the complaint has already been logged. Follow up with 311 to find out the status of the complant number.


Sign our online petition to push for rezoning in our area. Forward the petition to everyone you know!