About Us

We are residents of the southwestern section of Park Slope and Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn. We have come together in opposition to the unchecked development in our community and communities across all of Brooklyn. Our 100-year-old-plus homes are being torn down and large multi-unit buildings are springing up in their place. Many new buildings are utterly out of scale with our neighborhood, overshadowing and overwhelming our historic two- to four story wood-frame and brick homes. This overzealous development has occured because of the old R6 zoning (this allows for buildings of unlimited height and bulk); we were left out of the downsizing that occurred in the rest of Park Slope in 2003. If this development had continued to be unchecked, it would have destroyed more of the historic character of our neighborhood. In order to preserve and protect our community, we worked hard with our neighbors, Community Board and elected officials to change our present zoning to R6b, which was unanimously voted in favor of on November 16, 2005 to rezone our neighborhood from the majority of R6 to R6b. While R6b allows for new development, it stipulates that all new construction must match the contextual height of the surrounding buildings.

This issue has brought together our community in such a way that we are now looking beyond the one issue of development protection. This web site will contain information on current actions and events in regard to rezoning, new local concerns and issues such as block parties and other local events.

Map of area

If you live in the boundaries of our neighborhood and would like to receive email updates about upcoming events and development issues, please join our newsgroup.

Windsor Place

23rd street, looking up toward Minerva.